The OATI webOASIS™ Node was developed to provide OASIS services to the Deregulated Energy Industry. Access to the system is obtained through registration with OATI, the OASIS node service provider and system administrator.

Access to the system requires a company registration and user registration with the OATI webOASIS™ node administrator as well as the OATI webCARES™ administrator. In order to register as an OASIS user, registration must first be secured with the OATI webCARES™ system. Instructions for the webCARES™ registration are in the document posted on the OASIS home page.

Users must be registered in OATI webOASIS™ by the security officer of their company. The OASIS security officer may be the same person as the OATI webCARES™ security officer, or may be another person designated by the company.

Questions on the registration process should be sent to, or contact the support personnel directly at (763) 201-2020.