The wesTTrans OASIS system provides several important features for Transmission Customers as outlined below, multi-provider queries, energy bulletin board, multi-provider deals, and resales. Extensions to these features and development of new features that improve productivity, enhance revenue opportunities, etc., are openly discussed in the newly formed wesTTrans Focus Group. Meeting announcements will be posted on the wesTTrans.net Focus Group page. Participate!

Multi-Provider Queries

All wesTTrans OASIS displays allow the user to query for information across all participating wesTTrans Transmission Providers at the same time. There is no requirement to query information from each provider individually as in other OASIS implementations.

For example, to view all of your company's confirmed reservations across all wesTTrans Providers, simply go to the "Reservations" page, select your company code as "Cust", select "ALL" as "TP", select "Time" of "Active" "Today Forward", and click on Enter. To make this even easier, click on the "Save Query" button and give this query a name, e.g., "My Portfolio". Anytime you want to call up this view of your reservations in the future, simply select "My Portfolio" from the list of other saved queries listed to the right of the "Save Query" button!

Energy Bulletin Board

Transmission Customers, here's your space...  wesTTrans OASIS provides an Energy Bulletin Board for your use to post bids, or offers for energy or other products that can be viewed by other Customers. You control the information to be posted and any contacts or actions you might take based on postings made by others. Click the Bulletin button in the main menu bar to see what's going on today!

Multi-Provider Deals

wesTTrans OASIS has implemented the concept of a "Deal". A Deal is simply a means to submit and act on multiple transmission reservation requests as a group. This feature was intended to address two major issues, 1) repetitive submission of set of transmission reservations to one or more Transmission Providers (e.g., arrangement on day-by-day basis of transmission service to serve a load), or 2) submission of transmission reservations to multiple Transmission Providers along a contract path from the ultimate source/POR to ultimate sink/POD. Click the "Deals" button on the main menu bar to view your deals and enter new deals.

The User has two options to control automated actions that will be taken on the reservation requests in the Deal. If the "Confirm Accepted" option is selected, OASIS will automatically confirm all reservations in the deal once every TP has accepted those requests (this is not the same as "pre-confirmed"!). If the "Withdraw Denied" option is selected, OASIS will automatically withdraw all pending reservations immediately if any one of the reservations in the deal is denied by the TP.

For repetitive business Deals, click on the "New Deal" button. Fill in all the necessary transmission service information, e.g., TP, POR/POD, product, start/stop, capacity, etc., for each reservation that will be part of this deal. There is no restriction that the reservations be to the same Provider, cover the same time period(s), reserve the same product, etc. Once you have entered all the information, click on the "Enter Deal" button, review the reservations requests that will be submitted, and then click the "Submit" button to send the reservation requests to the designated Providers. The requests will be processed as any other OASIS requests.

If you want to setup a Deal from an ultimate POR to and ultimate POD, click on the "Deal Wizard" button from the Deal Summary page. Select the basic parameters of the deal, e.g., transmission product, start/stop, ultimate POR, ultimate POD, etc., and click on "Enter". OASIS will look up all feasible contract paths through the wesTTrans Providers that can get you from your POR to your POD. Please be patient; depending on the POR/POD selected there is a tremendous amount of data the system must sort through to determine how to get from POR to POD. Click on the "Use" button to fill in the Deal entry form for the contract path selected; click on the "Show" button to view all the posted service offerings (i.e., ATC) for the path selected. Note: Providers that your Company does not have an executed service agreement with will be shaded in red.

Want to do the same (or similar) Deal again? Just click on the link to the Deal from the Deal Summary, and then click on "Create New Deal"!

Secondary Market Resales

Transmission Provider's ATC on empty? Check to see if any Transmission Customers are offering reserved capacity for resale. A quick summary of all secondary market offerings is available by clicking the Resale button on the main menu bar.

Have excess capacity that you want to remarket to other Customers? Simply call up the details for the transmission reservation you would like to resell and click on the "Post for Resale" button on the top of the display.

For more complicated posting of aggregated capacity from multiple transmission reservations, click on the "Posting Wizard" button from the Resale Offering Summary page. Then select the Provider, time frame and path you would like to remarket and click Enter. Posting Wizard will lookup all of your existing reservations; pick the ones you'd like to resell by entering a MW value for the capacity to be resold and click "Create Posting". Fill-in or modify the remaining information required and click "Submit" to post the capacity for resale.

Don't forget to monitor the wesTTrans OASIS for reservation requests submitted to you as SELLER by other Transmission Customers. (Note: You must configure OASIS to identify those other Transmission Customer that you are willing to sell to, i.e., your company's valid customers.)