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September 1st 2011: OASIS Release 3.5.11

OASIS Release 3.5.11 has been applied to Production systems. See online help for Release Notes.

July 1st 2011: Westconnect Pricing Experiment Renewed

FERC has approved another 2-years for the Westconnect Pricing Experiment. Additionally BHCT was added in the Regional Tariff filing.

See Update for dates and information on new providers. is an enhanced OASIS site serving a significant portion of the Western Interconnection. Each participating Transmission Provider maintains their own transmission tariff but collectively they provide a common and efficient method of enhancing the transmission market within the Western Power Grid. From this single market interface access to nearly all transmission within the West can be obtained.

The OASIS also provides significant advancements. An energy bulletin board, a resale interface and transmission deal automation system are all available for use by the Transmission Customers. For information on how to use these, click on Features.

And, for a map of the Transmission Providers within wesTTrans, click on Transmission Map.